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JankariTech specializes in helping customers set up test automation. We particularly like to help with:

UI testing

setup of automated end-to-end User Interface/acceptance tests that demonstrate correct UI behavior under both normal and abnormal conditions

API testing

setup of automated tests that demonstrate API response for both normal and invalid inputs

retrofitting tests

retrofitting automated testing to older apps that do not yet have automated testing in their CI, or that do not have adequate automated test coverage


implementing behaviour-driven development, giving traceability all the way from feature requirements to automated testing and code
We prefer to work online as part of real-time customer teams, so that the test automation implementation becomes an integrated part of the development, test and QA team process

Our philosophy is to also involve local Nepali IT student interns in working with the team so that they gain the skills needed to participate in modern agile online development environments.

Our motivation

What Nepal needs for sustainable development is not only aid, but jobs – real jobs, not subsidised ones. This is the dignity and self-reliance the people of Nepal deserve.

Software that matters
We participate in developing software that is useful to organizations and individuals that operate across a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual environment, helping them to have more equal opportunity in an increasingly interconnected international world.

Staff development

Training and staff development is an integral part of our company. All staff are given the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Team Members

Artur Neumann
Artur NeumannDirector / CTO
Binu Nepali
Binu NepaliAdmin & Finance Assistant
Talank Baral
Talank BaralProgrammer
Phil Davis
Phil DavisDirector / CQO
Swoichha Adhikari
Swoichha AdhikariProgrammer
Sakchhyam Gurung
Sakchhyam GurungJr. Programmer
Sajan Gurung
Sajan GurungJr. Programmer
Ashish Bhattarai
Ashish BhattaraiOffice Manager
Dipak Acharya
Dipak AcharyaSoftware Developer
Kiran Parajuli
Kiran ParajuliSoftware Developer
Swikriti Tripathi
Swikriti TripathiJr. Programmer


Currently we do not have any vacant posts, but we are still interested to get to know you. If you are interested to work with JankariTech, please contact us using our contact form, we will contact you as soon as there are any job vacancies that would fit your profile.

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