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Imagine you have to develop software for a bank to administer the accounts of their customers. The requirements are to:
  1. deposit money into a given account.
  2. deduct money from a given account.
  3. show the current balance of a given account.
  4. show the bank statement of a given account.
  5. transfer money between two different accounts.

A programmer used ChatGPT to generate this code as a possible solution:

class BankAccount:
    def __init__(self, owner_name, dob, bank_name, account_no):
        self.owner_name = owner_name
        self.dob = dob
        self.bank_name = bank_name
        self.account_no = account_no
        self.balance = 0
        self.transactions = []

    def deposit(self, amount):
        self.balance += amount
        self.transactions.append(f"Deposit: +{amount}")

    def withdraw(self, amount):
        if self.balance >= amount:
            self.balance -= amount
            self.transactions.append(f"Withdrawal: -{amount}") 
            print("Insufficient funds.")

    def transfer(self, amount, recipient_account):
        if self.balance >= amount:
            self.balance -= amount
            self.transactions.append(f"Transfer to {recipient_account.owner_name}: -{amount}")
            print("Insufficient funds.")

    def get_balance(self):
        return self.balance

    def get_bank_statement(self):
        statement = f"Bank Statement for {self.owner_name} ({self.account_no})\n"
        statement += f"Bank: {self.bank_name}\n"
        statement += "Transactions:\n"
        statement += "\n".join(self.transactions)
        return statement

sujal = BankAccount("Sujal", "1990-01-01", "ABC Bank", "1234567890")
rashi = BankAccount("Rashi", "1995-05-05", "XYZ Bank", "0987654321")

sujal.transfer(200, rashi)

print("Rashi's current balance:", rashi.get_balance())